Official Battle Dome of Sand Minecraft World

Welcome to the official Battle Dome of Sand World for Minecraft Bedrock

About the Battle Dome of Sand project

The Battle Dome of Sand is a free Player vs Player survival designed by Randy Dreammaker of SkyThrusters Development for gamers using one of the Bedrock, Pe, MCPE, versions of Minecraft.

All of the design work is completed as of May 2021, however, additional coding is currently in progress and must be completed before it can be released into the public.
The idea of the Battle Dome of Sand was based on an earlier similarly designed world designed solely for YouTube, called the Nightmare Dome, in which different Minecraft Mobs are pit into a Player vs Player setting to battle it out, and determine who the strongest mobs are.

Unlike the Nightmare Dome where the battles are completely contained within a regulated and controlled environment with the only objective being to battle, the Battle Dome of Sand required a great amount of thought into how to interject players into a scenario where the Dome is the central focus, while preventing it from being damaged in survival mode.

Other challenges have included setting objectives within the world for the players, such as requiring participants to gather their own blocks and resources to create weapons for several days before coming to battle.

Various strategies are used, such as limiting the resources around the dome, building the dome in the ocean on a dessert, and using commands to force the players to return to the fight in the dome once their allotted time expires. 

Progress and original notes and plans for the Battle Dome of Sand were posted to the SkyThrusters word press on Vivaldi. You can see those notes here.

Once completed and ready for download, you'll be able to get it here or on the RGAPCreative website where we merged all of the projects in 2022. So make sure to bookmark this page before you leave.